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Makita 2705 Review. Yes, You have heard correctly. In this article, we will review the Makita table saw 2705 with detailed specifications and ratings. In case if you are in hurry then click the link given in the below.

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Check out Detailed Specifications of the Makita 2705 Table Saw

Table Saw ParametersMakita 2705 Table Saw
ImageMakita 2705 Table Saw Review
Weight82 Pounds
Dimensions32 x 36 x 15.3 inches
Speed 4800 RPM
Warranty1 Year Warranty
Motor15 Amp
Max cut at 90 Degrees3-5/8 inches
Max cut at 45 Degrees2-1/2 inches
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Makita 2705 Table Saw Review

Makita 2705 Table Saw Review - Check Before Buying 1

Makita 2705 10-inch Contractor Table Saw Review

Makita 2705 is a very famous table saw and also it is one of the most trusted table saws by the woodworkers. You can find all the details in the specifications table.

As mentioned above this is the most trusted table saw from Makita. Makita is a branded company which is famous for its power tools.

This table saw comes with two variations 1. Makita 2705 Table Saw  & With 2. Makita 2705 Table Saw with Stand. You can choose it according to your requirements.

Makita 2705 is a powerful, trusted, fast, and secure table saw. It can cut up to 4X material in a single pass. From that, you can think about, what will be the power of Makita 2705 Table Saw.

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You can get 1 Year of warranty on this table saw. It is very powerful and its speed is 4800 RPM. The weight of Makita Table Saw 2705 is about 82 pounds.

This table saw is powered by the 15 amp high power motor which is ready to work on any type of job.  Makita 2705 can use up to 6 x 13 / 16-inch dado blades. Dimensions of Makita 2705 are 32.00 x 36.00 x 15.30 inches.

The right extension table allows for greater cutting capacity with the capability to rip 4×8 sheets of plywood. An aluminum die-cast, precision machined table top remains flat and true for out of the box accuracy.


  • Easy to use
  • 1 Years warranty
  • Rip 4X Material in 1 Pass
  • Easy Adjustments
  • Tool-less installation
  • Little bit heavier


Makita 2705 Table saw uses the tool-less modular blade guard system with adjustable knife/spreader. It allows for the ease of measurement from the blade to the rip fence for cutting set-ups.

An aluminum die-cast, precision machined table top remains flat and true for out of the box accuracy. Makita 2705 uses an electric brake for maximum productivity. Large on/off switch and easy to read scale for faster adjustments

Key features of the Makita table saw 2705 are Accuracy, Performance, Speed, and precision. It has a max capacity of 3-5/8 in. at 90° and 2-1/2 in. at 45°. Guard design allows the operator to view the blade as it contacts the material

Makita’s 2705 10 in. Table Saw is a versatile and powerful table saw for use in the shop or on the Jobsite.

What will you get with this Makita 2705 Contractor Table Saw?


Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw, 32T carbide-tipped blade, rip fence, miter gauge, push stick, and wrenches.

Conclusion of Makita 2705 Reviews (Makita 2705 Table Saw)


Makita 2705 table saw is a powerful table saw that can perform in any condition. It has a lot of cool features that make this table saw so special.

Cut capacity and power of this table saw are amazing. You can use up to 6 X 13/16 inch dado blade on Makita 2705 Table Saw. Makita is an international brand so you can trust them. You get a 1-year warranty with this table saw.

As mentioned above this table saw comes with two variations that is one with only table saw and other with the table saw and table saw stand. So you can choose according to your budget or use. We will recommend you Buy this Table saw with Stand so it will be easier for you to use this Makita 2705 Table Saw.

Most of the woodworkers and customers have given positive feedback for Makita 2705 table saw. So you can buy this table saw.

It combines a range of convenience and ease-of-use features with large capacity and 15 Amp power, making it a true best-in-class table saw for a range of professional applications.

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Makita Table Saw 2705 Reviews




Makita 2705 Table Saw Ratings = >⭐ 4.85


Makita 2705 is engineered for remodelers, furniture makers, finish carpenters, cabinet installers, decking and flooring contractors, and general contractors seeking a best-in-class 10 in. table saw for the Jobsite or on the benchtop.