Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Comparison

Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Comparison. Yes, You have heard correctly. In this article, we will compare these both table saws (DWS779 vs DWS780) with their specifications and ratings. In case if you are in a hurry then click the link given in the below.

Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Reviews

Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Miter Saw Comparison

ParametersDewalt DWS779Dewalt DWS780
ImageDewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Comparison 1Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Comparison 2Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Comparison 3Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780 Comparison 4
Motor15 Amp15 Amp
Speed3800 RPM3800 RPM
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Weight56 pounds56 pounds
Cut @ 90° 2x16 dimensional lumber at 90°2 x 16 dimensional lumber at 90
Cut @ 45°2x12 at 45°2 x 12 at 45 degree
Dust Collection SystemYesYes
Price Check Price Check Price

Now you can easily spot the difference between dws779 and dws780 miter saw.

Dewalt DWS779 Review – Best Dewalt Miter Saw

dewalt dws779 review dws779 vs dws780


Dewalt DWS779 is a very famous Miter saw and also it is one of the most used miter saws by the woodworkers. Almost all woodworkers have given positive and five-star reviews. You can check it on amazon.

It comes with a 15 amp powerful motor that has a speed of 3800 rpm delivers extended power and durability. Dual horizontal steel rails with innovative clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings deliver an accurate, durable and compact saw.

Dewalt DWS779 has a 3 Years Limited warranty which is good. This miter saw also offers an exclusive back fence design which cuts up to 2×16 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2×12 at 45°.

Dewalt DWS779 includes the integrated CUTLINE Blade Positioning System that provides an adjustment-free cut line indication for better accuracy and visibility. Some people called it as Dewalt 779 miter saw.

Tall sliding fences support crown molding up to 7-1/2″ nested and base molding up to 6-3/4″ vertically against the fence while easily sliding out of the way for bevel cuts.

Specifications of Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw – In short

ParametersSpecifications Of DEWALT DWS779
Imagedewalt dws779 review dws779 vs dws780
PriceCheck On Amazon
Ampere15 Amp
Speed3800 RPM
Weight56 Pounds
Warranty3 Years
Maximum Cutting Thickness6.75 inch
Dust CollectionYes
Power sourceAC/DC
Cut at 90°Up to 2x16 dimensional lumber at 90°
Cut at 45°Up to 2x12 at 45°


Dewalt 779 has a super-efficient dust collection system that captures over 75 percent of the dust generated. Its weight is just 56 pounds which is good. The DWS780 miters 60° to the right and 50° to the left providing capacity for professional applications. You can check the result of Dewalt 779 vs 780 in the verdict section.

What will you get with Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw?

  1. Miter saw
  2. Carbide Blade
  3. Blade Wrench
  4. User guide

Pros & Cons of Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw

  • Powerful Motor
  • Super efficient Dust Collection
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Best Seller
  • High Precision
  • No cons

Some Images of Dewalt DWS779 Mitre Saw



Some Faqs Of Dewalt DWS779 Miter Saw


Is there a blade included?
Yes, the DWS780 does come with a dust bag
How much does this saw weigh?
The weight of this saw is 68 LBS.
Does this miter saw (DWS779) have a depth stop?
No, a depth stop is not attached.
Can DWS779 do double bevel cuts ?
Yes, the DWS779 is a Double-Bevel Compound Miter Saw.


Dewalt DWS780 Review – Best Sliding Miter Saw

dewalt dws780 vs dws779 review

Dewalt DWS780 is another good miter saw from a good company.After dewalt dws779 this is the most wished miter saw. Its features are almost same as of Dewalt DWS779 miter saw.

Similar to dws779 this miter saw also come with 15 amp powerful motor. Also, this has a speed of 3800 RPM. Some peoples call it as Dewalt 780 Miter Saw.

Its (DWS780) innovative gearbox and belt drive design increases vertical cutting capacity of the miter saw. Dewalt DWS780 has a disadvantage that Dewalt 780 is a little expensive than Dewalt DWS779 and it doesn’t come with the miter saw stand.

If you want to check Dewalt table saws then click here.

Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops improves productivity, ensures accuracy. Similar to DWS779 this miter saw also has a Super efficient dust collection system that captures over 75 percent of the dust generated.

Constructed for easy, hassle-free use saw’s capacities are miter 0 to 60 degree left, 0 to 50 degree right, bevel 0 to 48 degree left and right, cross cuts 2 x 14 on 90 degree and miters 2 x 10 on 45 degrees, base capacity 6 1/2″ left and right with a crown capacity of 6 5/8″.

What will you get with Dewalt DWS780 Miter Saw?

  •  1 DEWALT DWS780 12-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw
  •  1 carbide blade
  •  1 blade wrench one dust bag
  •  1 vertical material clamp
  •  Manual

Durability :

The DWS780 miter saw’s rugged guards; precision-machined castings, fences, and bevel system; and tough stainless steel miter detent plate are designed to withstand the constant rigors of the job site.

Hassle-Free Operation:

The dual bevel system is easy to see and use in job site conditions thanks to its high-visibility scale and easy angle adjustment.

Bevel from zero to 49 degrees with positive stops at 0 degrees, 22.5 degrees, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees, and 49 degrees in both right and left directions.

Dewalt 780 saw also miters 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left and features an adjustable miter detent plate with 10 positive stops.

A cam lock miter button allows the user to lock angles between detents. A miter detent override is also used to allow precise angle adjustment without falling into detents.

Precise & High Capacity Cutting :

Dewalt miter saw dws780 features extremely solid construction and the new XPS cross-cut alignment system that features an improved ultra-bright LED light, which casts a laser-like shadow on the work surface and shows the user precisely where the blade will come in contact with the material.

Additionally, the saw offers an industry-leading combination of cut capacities, which includes 6-3/4-inch vertical capacity, 7-1/2-inch nested crown capacity, 13-7/8-inch horizontal capacity, and exclusive back fence design that cuts up to a 2×16 at a 90-degree angle and 2×12 at a 45-degree angle.

To simplify and maximize vertical cutting capacity, the unit includes a rail lock latch for holding the head away from the fence.  You can see the result of Dewalt 779 vs 780 in verdict section.

Pros & Cons of Dewalt DWS780 Miter Saw

  • Powerful Motor
  • Super efficient dust collection
  • More vertical cutting capacity
  • Hassle-Free Operation
  • Little expensive than DWS779
  • Doesn’t come with the stand

Some Images of Dewalt DWS780 Miter Saw



Some Faqs Of Dewalt DWS780 Mitre Saw

What is the height of the cutting deck from the table?
2-1/2-3 inches from table to actual flat surface of where blade meets deck
What is the difference between dws780 and dws779 miter saw?
Read the review
Does dual mean can also plug into extension cord and outlet? Not just battery operated?
No, this is corded power only the dual/double bevel indicates that the saw can bevel both left and right.
Does the DWS780 have a depth control capability?
How many teeth and type of blade comes with this saw ?
Includes wood cutting blade #DW3126 – 60 teeth
Does the saw come with a dust bag?
Yes, the DWS780 does come with a dust bag

Verdict – Dewalt DWS779 VS DWS780

Both of these Miter saws are amazing and selecting one of them as the best or winner was hard for everyone.

If we compare in terms of popularity then Dewalt DWS779 is more famous than DWS780. One thing important is that within some of the short span of years Dewalt DWS779 emerged as a best seller in the category of Top Miter saws.

Both of these miter saws are identical. Finding the difference between them is very hard. Both of these miter saws are good at their point. Dewalt DWS779 is highly trusted by industry experts. So we will recommend it to you. The result of Dewalt 779 vs 780 is a tie.

Here is no only one winner. There is a tie between DWS780 and DWS779.So you can choose the best miter saw according to your choice. If you like Dewalt dws780 then go for DWS780 otherwise go for Dewalt DWS779.

Our Recommendation is Dewalt DWS779