Dewalt DWE7480 reviews best table saw under 500

Dewalt DWE7480 is the best table saw under $500. If you looking for a review of DeWalt DWE7480 then you are at right place.The machine is quite heavy in size and also has a heavy price tag attached to it. It comes with a price tag of about $500. Before paying this hefty amount you must be Eager to Hear more opinions and overviews. Hence, in this column, we bring you a complete overview of this machine. Here, we have reviewed the features, advantages, and drawbacks of this table saw in detail.
Dewalt DWE7480 reviews best table saw under 500 1

Dewalt DWE7480 reviews and ratings

Dewalt DWE7480 reviews best table saw under 500 2Dewalt DWE7480 reviews best table saw under 500 3


Features of Dewalt DWE7480 Table Saw


The machine looks quite heavy and going by the looks, you must have figured out that it will involve a heavy setup. This process is the most hated one. People find it very troublesome to unpack the machine and set it up. They just want to open it and start up the project. But, we suggest you to not to go by the heavy looks of this saw. It surely looks heavy, but setting it up is a child’s play. The tool comes in a padded box. Setting it up will merely take fifteen minutes.

Dewalt DWE7480 Features and Specifications


Using this machine is also a duck soup. It just takes 20 minutes for this machine to get set and it operates quite smoothly. The fence adjusting is also a breeze. This machine will make the whole project a fun. This saw ensures that you smoothly sail through the project.

The rip capacity of this machine is 24′. The motor runs on a power of 15 Amps and provides 4800 rotations per minute. The machine comes with on-board storage, metal roll cage base, Site- Pro modular guarding system, 24T carbide blade, dust port, adjustable rear feet, Pinion and Rack telescoping fence rails and what not. This machine easily cuts off hard wood with a lot of precision and ease.

Drawbacks of Dewalt DWE7480 Table Saw

Only a few drawbacks attached to this table saw. One of the drawbacks is that, once the blades become dull, you will have no other option than throwing them away in the waste bin. You could not be able to sharpen them up and use them again.

Though the blades will be very fine when you will buy fresh tool. As, we have already mentioned that the machine is on a heavier side. The weight may create some issue. The table saw weighs about 45 pounds. Even with this heavy weight, it is quite portable, but we recommend not to do this on a regular basis. Moving it around is not a big issue, but avoiding it is a better option.

The Final Words

The table saw Dewalt DWE7480 is an amazing machine. It serves the purpose very well. If you are out on a hunt for a new table saw, we surely recommend you the Dewalt DWE7480 table saw. And if you manage to get a discount on this machine somewhere, it will be a total win- win situation. Dewalt DWE7480 review ratings: 4.9

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