Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison – DWE7485 Review

Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison & DWE7485 Review. Yes, You have heard correctly. In this article, we will compare Dewalt DWE7485 vs DW745 table saws with their specifications and ratings. In case if you are in hurry then click the link given in the below.


Dewalt DW745 is a very famous table saw and also it is one of the most used tables saw by the woodworkers.

If you are talking about the DEWALT DWE7485 then this is a brand new table saw from Dewalt. As other Dewalt table saws, this is also a good table saw with some amazing features.

Without wasting time let‘s start the comparison of Dewalt DW745 vs Dewalt DWE7485. You can find all the details in the comparison table.

Dewalt DWE7485 vs DW745 Comparison Table

Dewalt DW745Dewalt DWE7485Parameters
Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison -  DWE7485 Review 1Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison -  DWE7485 Review 2Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison -  DWE7485 Review 3Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison -  DWE7485 Review 4Image
48 Pounds53.4 PoundsWeight
3850 RPM 5800 RPMSpeed
15 Amp15 AmpMotor
24 ½ inches24 ½ inchesRip Capacity
​25.8×26.5×13.9 inches26.6 x 14.1 x 27.1 inchesDimensions
Check Price Check PricePrice


Dewalt DW745 Table Saw Review – Runner Up

Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison -  DWE7485 Review 5

DeWalt DW745 is one of the most popular table saws of all times, courtesy, unit’s fence. The fence makes it quite an easy task to rip a wide array of flooring materials.

You can easily cut pressure treated lumber as well as hardwood using this table saw. The fence snaps back into its initial place effortlessly. Due to all these reasons, the DeWalt DW745 table saw has become one of the favorites among the customers.

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Advantages of DeWalt DW745 Table Saw

This saw is portable and handy. It is a 10-inch Jobsite saw. The small size makes it quite easy to move from place to place. Another amazing benefit attached to this table saw is the fence that sets up in no time. It provides very precise and fine cuts. If you ask us, we will definitely label it as one of the best table saw. You can precisely cut different materials like planks, molding, trim work, cabinet pieces, and shelvings.

It is very easy to rip off as much as 16 inches with this saw. Cutting down trim work and king- size shelvings is now a child’s play, all thanks to this table saw.

The metal roll cage’s base is very durable. All the other saws offer traditional bases, made up of plastic. This metal base is quite durable. You can smoothly, quickly, and accurately adjust the fence and the credit goes to the patented pinion and rack fence rail.

Specifications Of Dewalt DW745 Table Saw

DeWalt DW745Specifications
Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison -  DWE7485 Review 6Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 Comparison -  DWE7485 Review 7Image
15 AmpMotor
3 Years WarrantyWarranty
10 in 24 Tooth Cardbide BladeBlade
3850 RPMSpeed
120 VVoltage
54 PoundsWeight
22.7 x 29.2 x 16.7 inchesDimensions
Buy From AmazonCheck On Amazon

Features of DeWalt DW745 Table Saw

This machine also features the Site-Pro Modular Guarding System. The set up is quite easy. The adjustments are totally tool-free. The fence configuration can be exclusively set to add an extra ripping capacity of about 20 inches. Also, the machine gives a 90-degree cut depth of 3-1/8 inches, and a 45 degree cut depth of 2 ” inches.

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DeWalt DW745 pros and cons

The table surface is coated that reduce the friction. The motor is 15 amp and easily cuts dense wood accurately. The size of the blade is 10 inches and offers 3850 rotations per minute.

The saw weighs only 45 pounds. To move this saw from one site to another is now very easy. The saw also comes with a storage system. You can safely store all the components that are always at a high risk of getting lost.

  • Portable
  • Powerful
  • Best Seller
  • Most used tables saw
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • No cons
The saw features a dust collecting unit. You can easily connect it to the dust extracting system or the vacuum to clean the machine up.

The saw contains the unit, push stick, 24 to carbide 10-inch blades, blade guard, and a meter gauge. The saw is designed such that it fits easily on the table stand. It fits on the stand base. The modular guard ensures safety while working. It offers precise cutting movements and finely cuts the wood.


Some Images OF Dewalt DW745 Table Saw

Some Faqs ( Most Asked Questions Of Dewalt DW745 Table Saw)

Is the blade included?
What is Horsepower of DW745 Table Saw?
1.25 HP
What is weight of Dewalt DW745?
45 LBS
What are dimensions of Dewalt DW745 Table Saw?
27″ x 26″ x 14″
Which is best between Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485?
Both are good but DWE7485 is a emerging table saw
Spoiler title
Yes it has dust collection port. We currently offer a DWV9140 adapter for the DW745
What is the size of shaft?
The shaft or arbor size is 5/8″
Is this a battery saw?
No, power via 120V AC only
Does DW745 table saw have a riving knife?
Yes, this includes a riving knife
Is Dewalt DW745 standard or metric?
It is standard
Is Dewalt DW745 16
DW745 has 20 in. of rip
Can DW745 use 220V?
No. the saw is for 120V
What is the width of the table top without the fence?
The table top is 26-1/4″ x 19-3/8″
Is it made in Taiwan? Or China?
The DW745 is manufactured in Taiwan

Conclusion for DeWalt DW745

This table saw is loaded with amazing features that too at a very affordable price. It is lightweight, portable, and can easily cut plywood, softwood, hardwood, pressure-treated lumber, et al. So, go grab it.

Dewalt DWE7485 vs DW745 Reviews

After the launching of dewalt dwe7485 lot of people are comparing dewalt dwe7485 with dwe745. (i.e, Dewalt DW7485 and DW745). Because within the short span of time it(DWE7485) has become best seller table saw.


Dewalt DWE7485 Review – Best Dewalt Table Saw  – Top Pick

dewalt dwe7485 review



As mentioned above Dewalt DWE7485 is a new table saw from Dewalt. Dewalt is a branded company which is famous for its power tools. Dewalt‘s DW745 is a very famous table saw. Like the previous version, this also comes with good features.

Dewalt DWE7485 was launched in 2020. One thing you must have not noticed that it launched in 2020 but still it is the best seller on Amazon.

Now think it will be a best-seller if it is good otherwise why it should be on the top. Almost all woodworkers have given positive and five-star reviews. You can check it on amazon.

DWE7485 is a portable table saw means you can carry it anywhere. So it is very easy for transport. Also, it is a durable table saw. The metal roll cage of the table saw ensures the durability of the table saw. Dewalt DWE7485 is the Best Dewalt Jobsite Table Saw.

This table saw comes with a powerful motor of 15 Amp. If we compare the motor speed of both table saws then the clear winner is Dewalt dwe7485. The speed of DWE7485 is 5800 rpm which is much higher than Dewalt DW745. Do you like this Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw Review?

Winner of Dewalt DWE7485 vs DW745 Comparison is Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw. We can say this is a new emerging table saw. In the future, it (DWE7485) can beat the popularity of Dewalt dw745 and can become the most used table saw.

Pros & Cons Of Dewalt DWE7485

  • Portability
  • Reliable
  • More Power
  • Easy to use
  • Onboard Storage
  • Best Seller

  • Not Found yet

Some Images OF Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw


Some Faqs ( Most Asked Questions Of Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw)

Can use DWE7485 in 220v countries?
The saw requires 110/120v outlet
Will this saw accommodate dadoe blades?
No, the DWE7485 is not compatible with a dado blade
What is the Arbor size of Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw?
DWE7485 will have a 5/8″ arbor
can Dewalt DWE7485 saw cut 4 X 4 in one pass?
No, it will not cut a 4 x 4 in one pass.
Which is best between Dewalt DWE7485 vs DW745?
Both are good but DWE7485 is the currently best table saw
What is the power consumption (w)
The input watts from the motor is 1850 Watts
What is the best table saw stand for DWE7485
We can say DW7451 is best dwe7485 table saw stand
What is the size of the table top?
DWE7485 table top has a width of 14.18 and a length of 26.75
Does it have a Vacuum port, if so, what size?
DWE7485 will feature a dust port for 2-1/2″ vacuum hook up.

Comparison Result Of Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485


Both of these table saws are amazing and selecting one of them as the best or winner is hard for everyone.

If we compare in terms of popularity then Dewalt DW745 is more famous than DWE7485 because it is old. One thing important is that within some of the short span of months Dewalt DWE7485 emerged as the best seller in the category of top table saws.

If we compare in terms of power then DWE7485 is a clear winner. From our point of view, you should go with the Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw.

In the comment please let us know how you feel the article of “Dewalt DWE7485 Review and Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7485 comparison.”


Dewalt DW745 ratings =  ⭐ 4.8 — Runner Up

Dewalt DWE7485 ratings =  ⭐ 4.9  — Winner


Dewalt DWE7485 vs DW745 Comparison Winner = > Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw


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