Best Table Saws Under $400

Best Table Saws under $400. Table saws are must need a tool for woodworking and other operations. In this article, you can find the top budget table saws under 400.

In the market, you can find different table saws but here we have selected the best table saws for you. This will save your time for selecting the best table saw under $400.

If you are in hurry then check out the best table saw under 400  dollars- Top pick

Top 5 Best table saws under $400

You should use your investment in the only right direction. Therefore we have selected some best table saws. You can check table saws with its complete review and ratings also you can find a comparison between different table saws. Best Table Saw on the market are given below in the comparison table.

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Best Table Saws Under $200

Go and shop for the best table saw. If you are already using a table saw then tell me which table saw do you like most? Please mention your answer in the comment box. If you want to buy table saws under 500 dollars then click here.

List of Best Table Saws under 400 Dollars (Best Table Saw for Money)

Table sawPriceRatings
Dewalt DW745

Best Table Saws Under $400 1

Best Table Saws Under $400 2
⭐ 4.9
SKIL 3410-02

Best Table Saws Under $400 3

Best Table Saws Under $400 2
⭐ 4.8
Tracklife PTSG1A

Best Table Saws Under $400 5

Best Table Saws Under $400 2
⭐ 4.6

Best Table Saws Under $400 7

Best Table Saws Under $400 2
⭐ 4.5

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745) – Best Table Saw Under 400 dollars

best table saws under 300 table saw buying guide
best table saws under 300

Dewalt DW745 is one of the best budget table saws in this list. This is widely used by industry experts and trusted by thousands of buyers.


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This table saw is available in three variations. One with the table saw, another one with the table saw and DW3219PT 10-Inch 80T blade and the last one with the table saw, the combo of blades and DW3106P5.

This table saw has a modular guarding system which protects our hands and fingers. It is more durable as compared to other table saws. Best Value Table Saw.

The surface of this table saw is coated to reduce friction for improved cut quality across the board. You will get 3 years warranty with this table saw. Metal roll cage base offers greater durability than plastic bases.

What will you get with this table saw?

  • DW745 10-inch table saw
  • 10-inch 24-tooth carbide blade
  • Miter gauge
  • Push stick
  • Blade guard
  • Best Budget Table Saw

Note- IMP – Stand is sold separately


  1. Motor: 15 amp powerful motor with a speed of 3,850 rpm
  2. Dust collection port
  3. Lock mechanism
  4. Maximum cut depth of 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees
  5. Maximum cut depth of 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees.
  6. Guard system

This table saw has a modular guard system that protects our hands and fingers

Net weight

The weight of this table saw is just 45 pounds so you can take it anywhere. It is portable. Also, it has onboard storage options. This is the best table saws under $400

  • Powerful motor and lightweight

  • Easy adjustments
  • 3 Years warranty
  • Portable and large rip capacity
  • Guard system
  • Best table saws under $400
  • Not suited for larger projects


Some images of Dewalt DW745 Table Saw


SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand – Best table saw for the money

best table saw under 200 skilsaw 3410 table saw review
best table saw under 200

This is one of the best table saws on this list. Skill 3410-02 table saw comes under budget table saw and its price is below 200 dollars. Nowadays most of the woodworkers are using this table saw. This the best table saw under $400

This is our second top pick in this list and the top pick for the best portable table saw. It is very lightweight, its weight is just 20 pounds this will make this table saw as portable. It is one of the best tables saw to buy.

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1 This table saw comes with a 15 amp motor that is perfect for ripping through all varieties of wood.

2 This table saw has a heavy-duty and durable steel folding stand which is very easy to mount.

3 The most important thing about this table saw ( SKIL 3410-02) is that it comes with 3 Years warranty.

4 Portable & Lightweight. Sometimes referred to as the “best portable table saw under 400″.

Some technical specifications of SKIL 3410-02

1 Motor: 15Amp

2 The diameter of the blade: 10 inch

3 Max cut depth at 45 degrees: 2.5 inches

4 Max cut depth at 90 degrees: 3.5 inches

5 Voltage: 120 V

What will you get?

  • 10-Inch Table Saw
  • Carbide-Tooth Blade,
  • (2) Blade Wrenches,
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Stand,
  • Self-Aligning Rip Fence,
  • Miter Gauge
  • best budget table saw
  • Powerful Motor
  • Best in its class

  • Some blade issues


Some Images Of SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw

Delta Power Tools 36-6010 10″ Portable Table Saw

table saw reviews best budget table saws under 500
table saw reviews

Best Table Saws Under $400 9

We can easily lock and unlock table saw stand and move table saw where ever you want. It is the best portable table saw under 400. Delta 36-6010 comes with two variations one with the stand and another without stand. This table saw is a little bit heavier than other table saws in this list. This table saw is made up of metal.

Delta Portable Table Saw Review/ Delta 36-6010 review

Easy of storage and portability: We can easily lock and unlock table saw stand. This will reduce the load of transportation. Also, we can keep the table saw to standing position in the garage or home. This feature will make this table saw as the best portable table saw.

Onboard storage system: Yes this table saw has an onboard storage system, this will make sure that the fence is securely placed on the side of the table saw.

Specifications of Delta 36-6010 table saw

  • Model no: Delta 36-6010
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Net weight: 62.9 pounds
  • Table saws dimensions : 31 x 27 x 18 inches
  • Power source: corded-electric
  • Maximum Rip capacity: 30 in.

Do you like delta 10 table saw reviews?

  • Portable
  • Safety features
  • Fence issues

Tacklife PTSG1A 10″ Table Saw 15 Amp 120V, Extra Carbon Brush


top rated table saws under 300 200 table saws comparison
top rated table saws
Best Table Saws Under $400 10

Tacklife PTSG1A table saw has a 15 amp powerful motor. You will get the inbuilt dust collection port in this table saw. This table saw comes with different safety features to protect from any type of accidents or damages.

It has a maximum cut depth of 2 in. at 45 degrees and 3 in. at 90 degrees for a variety of useful cuts. Tacklife PTSG1A also has an onboard storage option which helps access the miter gauge, rip fence, and other accessories. This is a good budget table saw.

It has some safety features like overload protection and blade guard system. It is very lightweight, its weight is just 57 pounds.

Specifications of Tacklife PTSG1A

  • Net. Weight: 57 pounds
  • Amps: 15.0 Amps
  • Arbor size: 5/8 inch
  • No-load speed: 4800 rpm
  • Blade diameter: 10 inches
  • Table saw model: PTSG1A
  • Table saw dimensions : 23.6 x 21.6 x 13.4 inches
  • Dust port diameter: 2-1/2 inches
  • Depth of cut at 90 degrees : 3 inch
  • Depth of cut at 45 degrees: 2 inch
  • Max rip to right of blade: 24 inches
  • Max rip to the left of blade: 12 inches

What will you get with Tacklife PTSG1A table saw?

Tacklife 10-inch Table Saw, 10-inch 60-tooth carbide blade, Push Stick, Blade Guard, Carbon Brush,1-inch Arbor, and 2 years Warranty Card


  • Safe blade guard
  • Accuracy
  • 2 years warranty


Not worth of money

( Note: If you like Tacklife company then & then only you should go with this table saw. Yes this is a good table saw but it has some serious issues that’s why I am telling you this suggestion.)


Some Images Of Tracklife PTSG1A



Genesis GTS10SB 10-Inch 15-Amp Table Saw with Stand

table saw buying guide table saws under 300
top 5 table saws reviews

Genesis GTS10SB table saw comes to withstand. The table of GTS10SB is made up of die-cast aluminum. You will get 2 years warranty on this table saw. This is the best genesis table saw.

Best Table Saws Under $400 11Genesis 10 table saw has a very powerful 15 amp motor with 4800 rpm. The motor will help for smoother cutting. It can support diff. Types of cuts like Rip Cuts, Miter Cuts, Bevel Cuts, and Compound Cut, etc.

What will you get with the Genesis GTS10SB table saw?

Genesis GTS10SB table Saw, Table Saw Stand, 40 TCT Blade Installed, 1 Rip Fence, Push Stick, blade Guard, Miter Gauge, Wrench, 2 Year Warranty card

Onboard accessory storage includes:

Miter gauge holder, blade holder and push sticker holder, 2-1/4″ dust collection port.

Technical specifications and features

  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Net weight : 56 pounds
  • Table saw model : GTS10SB
  • Saw dimensions : 24 x 24 x 27 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Powerful motor
  • Extra-large aluminum table
  • Self-aligning rip fence
  • Quality and motor issues
  • Quality and motor issues

Buying Guide for Selecting Table Saws/Table Saw Buyers Guide

Safety measures are important : 

Safety of a person while working with a saw holds a primary position. Therefore, one of the most important features that you should always keep in mind while buying a saw is its safety feature. The invention of flesh sensors should be there so that it could stop the table saw within 0.01 seconds on any accidental cut.

Size of the blade : 

The size of the blade allows you to go into the thickness of the material while cutting it. We recommend you to choose the best table saw under 200  12-inch range since it shows clear results. It cuts the materials with great ease and efficiency. The workshops go with greater sizes of the blade which also increases the amount of a particular saw.

Table saws are very useful in a number of different situations. No tool can provide long, clean and precise cuts as table saws do. Whether you are a fresher or an expert – table saw is a must for your workshop.
Choosing the most appropriate table saw for you would be challenging. Different kinds of table saws are there that possess different properties and prices. A right type of table saw should be picked depending upon the right kind of work.

Portable table saws : 

They are the smallest and the most maneuverable. They are designed to be able to take at different sights and are ideal for multiple locations. They are very effective and apt for on-site construction.The portability though comes at a cost. These saws are very noisy along with having less power.

The low power cannot cut thicker woods very cleanly and precise cuts would also be impossible. For several jobs, this saw would not be stable, very noisy, and would take longer than any standard table saw. If mobility is a top concern, then you should choose this saw.

Collection of dust:

The dust starts building up in a rush in table saws. It, therefore, becomes difficult to manage this feature and hence the dust collection provides you a respite. If the dust bag fills up quickly, you should definitely take it into account. The dust collection system should always be on par with the requirement. It should be able to take away most of the dust.

Easy use : 

The saw should be user-friendly and this is what some high-quality brands offer you. The saw should be able to set up instantly and should be quick enough to use.

Different brands of table saws

You can choose your favorite brands like Dewalt, Makita, Bosch &, etc.

Following are some videos of how to select table saw

Skilsaw Table Saw – Skil 3410-02- Best Value For Table Saw

Dewalt DW745 – Best Value Table Saw, Best Portable Table Saw