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If you are looking for the best miter saw stand then you are in the right place. In this article, you can find a comparison of the Top 5 best miter saw stand along with their reviews and ratings.

If you are in hurry then check this best miter saw stand – Our Top Pick

You should use your money as a good investment that’s why we are here to help with selecting the best miter saw stands. If you are already using a miter saw then tell me which one is your favorite miter saw stand.

There are 5 types of Mitre saw stands that are as follows

1 Compound Miter Stands
2 Table Top Miter Stands
3 Rail Miter Stands
4 Wheeled One-Hand Folding Miter Stands
5 Traditional Miter Stands

From this article, you can easily select the best miter saw stands. I hope you have liked this information. If you are looking for the best miter saw then click here. You can find the best miter stand reviews here.

Our Top Pick of Best Miter saw stands 2020 are

1 Bosch T4B gravity rise miter saw  stand – Top Pick

2 Dewalt DWX726 miter saw stand – Runner Up

3 Dewalt DWX724 miter saw stand – Runner Up Tie

4 BORA Portmate PM-4000 Heavy-duty miter saw stand

5 HPT Metabo UU240F – Best Hitachi Miter saw stand

1. Bosch Portable Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand T4B – Top pick best miter saw stand 2020

bosch t4b miter saw stand gravity stand

Bosch is very a famous company for its mechanical products. This is a good miter saw stand from Bosch. The model of this stand is Boch T4B.

This is our top pick and it is best in this class. I will say this is the best miter saw stand under 400 dollars. The stand is very easy to adjust and handle, credit of this goes to its very unique system that is Bosch Gravity-Rise System.

It is widely used by industry experts. Also, it can handle tough jobs very smoothly and efficiently. The material used for this making this portable miter saw stand is steel.

Capacity: Bosch T4B has up to 18 feet of material this is generally more than other stands.

Portable: Portability of any machine is very important. T4B wheels built with 8-Inch pneumatic wheels. This will make transportation easy even if the heaviest miter saws attached.

Features & Specifications of bosch t4b :

  • Adjustable height outfeed
  • 8-inch pneumatic wheels
  • Universal mounting system
  • Rapid release tool mounts
  • Stability on uneven surfaces
  • Weight: 91.6 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty
  • Top-rated miter saw stand
  • Portable & Handle any type of load

  • Little bit expensive

It has only one disadvantage that Bosch T4B is a little bit expensive as compared to other stands. This is the best bosch miter saw stand in the category of the miter saw stands.

2. DEWALT Miter Saw Stand With Wheels (DWX726) – Runner UP

If you don’t want to spend lots of money on Bosch T4B then this is the best choice for you. This is our second best pic from the list of the miter saw stands.

dewalt miter saw stand review

We can proudly say that this ( Dewalt DWX726 ) is the best miter saw stand under 200 dollars.

You will get 3 years warranty with the miter saw stand while with Bosch T4B you will get just 1 years warranty.

Dewalt DWX726 can be used with any miter saw. This is a rolling miter saw stand and it is due to its rubber wheel and special design. We can call it as Top rated miter saws stand under 200.

(Note: Dewalt DWX726 allows only 300 pounds of weight on stand )

Tubular steel construction of stand will make a miter saw stand more durable.


  • Model name: DWX726
  • Warranty : 3 Years
  • Maximum weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Color: Yellow
  • Height folded: 17 inch
  • Height extended: 32.5 inches
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Solid rubber tyre

  • Supports only 300 pounds

Check out some tips of Dewalt miter saw stands :

This is our runner up for “ best miter saw stands under $200 “. Weight is just an issue for this stand otherwise this is the best stand. You will get the best miter saw in the half price of Bosch T4B.

3. DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Compact (DWX724)

There is a tie between DeWalt dwx726 vs Dewalt dwx724. So we have kept two runner ups for the best miter saw stands. Dewalt dwx724 is the best miter saw stand for 200 dollars.

best dewalt miter saw stand

This is one of the best saw stands. Currently, we don’t have observed any disadvantages or cons of dwx724.

This is made with a universal design so that it can work with all brands of the miter saw. Similar to dwx726 this is also a portable miter saw stand.

If you are looking for the portable miter saw stand then Dewalt dwx724 is a clear winner.

You will get 3 years limited warranty on this Dewalt miter saw stand. This is a good thing that you are getting 3 years of warranty from a good company.

Mounting of the miter saw to the stand is become easy and secure, this is due to its mounting brackets. Best folding miter saw stand.

(Note: It can handle weight up to 500 pounds )

Specifications of Dewalt dwx724 miter saw stand

  • Support all brands
  • Secure locking of extension
  • Total weight: 29.8 pounds
  • Model: Dewalt dwx724
  • Height Folded: 8 inch
  • Height extended: 32 inches
  • Portable saw stand
  • Lightweight ( just 29.8 pounds )

  • No cons

4 BORA Portamate PM-4000 Heavy Duty Folding Miter Saw Stand

Best inexpensive and Top-rated heavy duty miter saw stand. BORA PM-4000 comes with different variations like 44 X 10 X 6.5 inches, 2 – 5 pack of the miter saw stand.

Bora portmate reviews top 5 miter saw stands

First variation start with 100 dollars. This is the ideal stand for heavy-duty usage of the miter saw. It is a perfect miter saw for contractor size saws.

This is a very lightweight standstill it can support up to 500 pounds lbs. It is compatible with a miter saw up to 12 inches. You will get 1 years warranty with this miter saw stand.

Specifications of BORA Portmate  4000 stand

  • Model: BORA Portamate PM-4000
  • Weight: 27.2 pounds
  • Height: 36-inch work height
  • Heavy-duty contractor grade
  • Tough powder-coated steel

Cheap miter saw stand with all premium features. We can easily change the tool using quick attach mounts.

  • Heavy Duty stand
  • lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Best Jobsite miter saw stand

  • limitation of a miter saw the size
  • ( Up to 12-inch Miter saws only )

If you are looking for a stand for job site miter saw then you have selected a good stand. Perfectly recommended best job site miter saw stand.

5 Metabo HPT UU240F Portable Miter Saw Stand With Wheels – Hitachi miter saw stand

Recently Hitachi has changed its name, now Hitachi’s current name is Metabo HPT. HPT stands for Hitachi power tools. This is our last pick or choice. It has some issues.

best hitachi miter saw stand reviews cheap miter saw stand

The material used for constructing is stell which makes this Metabo HPT UU240F miter saw as Heavy-duty saw stand, but it can support only up to 400 lb.

Warranty: The Best thing about this mitre saw stand is that you will get 5 years warranty on this meter stand. Other companies are providing only a 1 to 3 years warranty on their miter saws.

  Specifications of metabo uu240f stand

  • Net weight: 50 pounds
  • Model name: Metabo HPT UU240F
  • It can support weight up to 400 lbs
  • Best Sliding miter saw stand
  • Good Brand ( Hitachi )
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Quick-release mounting

  • Assembly ( Setup is complex )

Conclusion: The Best miter saw stand –

In this article, we have compared the top 5 best miter saw stands. Each one on this list is a good stand. If your budget is less than 100 dollars then Bora portmate is the best miter saw stand under 100 dollars. If you have more budget then you can go with Dewalt and bosch stands both are good and value for money products.

Buying guide for Mitre saw stand

As mentioned above there are five types of miter saw stands, that are as follows.

1 Compound 2 Tabletop 3 Rail 4 Wheeled 5 Regular ( Normal )

You can select the best stand according to type of the stand. Also, you can select miter saw stands by selecting particular brands like Dewalt, Bosch, Hitachi & so on.

You can select the Miter saw stand according to its price. Like,


1 Best miter saw stand under $100 /miter saw under 100 dollars – Click here  (Bora portmate)

2 Best miter saw stand under 200 dollars  – click here ( Metabo HPT uu240f )

3 Best miter saw stand under 300-400 dollars Bosch & Dewalt


Also if you are looking for the best table saw under 500 dollars then you can visit here.

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